Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Did you know the owl symbolizes wisdom and prosperity (at least in some cultures)? I wasn't aware of this until I began my work at the Law School. The Owl adorns the Law School seal and is a well known icon around these parts. Earlier this month, I was approached by our wonderful recruiter asking for a commission before my resignation. I obliged and tried to take the 'green approach' by pedaling some of my stock but she requested a new piece. Specifically, an owl. I love birds! And, I was excited to get the work. This is quite a bit different than most of the pieces that fill her office but hopefully she can appreciate it. She's out this week so I left it as surprise on her desk. It's a custom piece! She didn't include a price range so I decided to keep the piece small and on the light side of labor, just in case. Better safe than sorry? I already have a studio full of labor intensive/expensive pieces that I just can't pawn off. I've learned that scale is essential during hard times.

The piece includes paint, hand embroidery and an image transfer on some drapery material. Fingers crossed that I've struck (real) gold. This piece is 4x6". If you're interested in something similar or would like to commission a piece drop me a line!


  1. A friend of mine graduated from the OU law school and wanted an owl painting! I gave it to him as his wedding present.