Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Norman Nostalgia

Weeks away from relocating, I've decided to start a new project. I love Norman. I can't wait to get home and hop on my bike. I want to capture all those corner and crevices from my bike travels. I want to take them with me to Tulsa. I also want you to see what lurks in those 'dark alleys.' Be prepared to see things from my bike treks, my walks with Zola and my bar rendezvous. I'm going to collect these tidbits and wear them like charms. I can't wait to burn the streets of Tulsa but for now, be prepared to view Norman in the nude. I shall call these post, "Norman Nostalgia" Let the games begin! A 1912 miniature version of OU Campus over on Jones (near the train depot). I chose this street because it depicts my campus corner hangouts.Neato!Little effort-high impact. Sweet! I don't think I've ever expressed my love of the Chinook. It's presence is massive even thousands of feet in the sky. It's a real head turner. I was relaxing over at Lyon's park, reading my book, mindin' my business when I was interrupted by this beast. I sat up and noticed everyone else in the park had paused to sneer at that big ol' bird. Impressive. What a day in Norman town!

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