Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salvaged Salvage

It's been a hot summer here in Oklahoma. I love it. As you may know, I can't get enough. I come home, throw my 'stuff' down and head back out the door. Whether it be on my bike or walking the dog I can't stand to sit indoors. My pooch, Zola, adores the attention and can hardly stand still when she hears the jingle of the leash. She's very much a creature of habit. I give her lead and she sniffs out the same spots every time. It's like clock work. Every walk for as long as I can remember,we've passed this heavily altered piece of metal on the side of the road. I gaze at it every time and wonder how many times it has been ran over, what was it? Spam? Tuna? It's a bit disturbing how much I've contemplated the history of this piece of trash. Well, yesterday I had a few hours to spare so I picked it up. A little up the trail, I came across a safety top that read "Cut this out." It was glistening in the evening sun. Shiny. I took the pieces home, scrubbed them a bit and decided they were stencil worthy. Again, I'm completely inhibited when I use discarded items. It's invigorating. Nothing to loose! I feel like this attitude fits the subject matter. Do you feel lucky? Punk?

Perhaps you better, "Cut This Out?" It's up for sale. 5x7" Hit me up if you're interested.

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