Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Clicks

Click your heels three times and you're home. I've been thinking a lot about 'home.' I wish I didn't have to leave my home/house. I've spent years collecting pieces and making it a place screams, 'Bill.' Now I'm uprooting. I wish I could take it with me. Precisely, "IT." What makes a house a home? The age old question, just like "How many licks. . ." Anyway, I ramble. But, really, I'm anxious. I can't sit still. I have been riding quite a bit and I've discovered one of my favorite streets in Norman. McNamee Street- beautiful towering trees with specks of diamonds strewn across the street. It's like something out of a movie. Miles from my house, it isn't exactly my neighborhood, but every time I pedal down it I hear birds chirp, laughter and everything that sings 'perfection.' I feel at home. I could stay forever. The houses are compromised of remodeled craftsman and well kept dollhouses. They are adorable. McNamee is something you'd find in a storybook. The best part is, it's very maintained and vintage but lacks that "snobby, yuppie tarnish." McNamee made me realize that it is possible to encounter 'home away from home.' Let's just hope there's a piece for me up in Tulsa. I decided that I'd try to sketch as many of the houses down McNamee and send them to the addresses. Maybe a little bit creepy but more a gesture of my gratitude and admiration for the integrity of history. There's a real feel of community down that stretch of street between flood and berry and I want to document it, give it back. Here's to home!

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