Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Eat

I love food. I love to eat. There was a day when I wasn't so particular but back in the summer of 2009 my life took a turn. I decided to realign my priorities, goals and lifestyle. It was at this point that my palate became open to anything. I went from a fast food, minus-this, minus-that meat and potatoes gal to only eating meat once a week. I can't get enough fresh produce. The colors and texture of vegetables are just appetizing. It's like experiencing art in a completely new way! As we are bombarded by shitty, fried, homogenized, drive through food, we lose site of the possibilities and creativity involved in food prep. It's an art! Don't forget it. Break free from what you know. What's the worst that could happen? I contribute my bad eating habits to my family. My mom taught me how to eat and I followed suit. I took the easy road-no fun.

I've realized that it's better to order things as they are served. There's a reason the dish combines certain ingredients and I find it best to try it as suggested. It's the same concept as trying the fries before you salt them. Eating a tomato atop a hamburger is worlds apart from biting into one like an apple. Cooked onions take on a much milder flavor and varied texture from raw. Right? So do you really HATE onions? Have you tried them minced in salsa? I bet you've eaten them at one point or another without notice and probably without a wince. I'll never get through to some of you and I'm sorry. Just know that diversity is the spice of life. Long lived the Omnivore!

One of the issues I have with eating is that I refuse to eat slop. I would not take a knife to my heart and I'm certainly not going to feed it a Mc'D big mac. I'm overwhelmed with list for the move but one of the things that's been weighing heavily on my mind is my commitment to a life of poverty. I'm going back to being a poor student with a part time job and exorbitant rent. It's going to be tough. No more good coffee. No more whole foods market. I have to learn to eat healthy on a strict budget. Food will no longer be for pleasure, it will be for sustenance and calories.

I'm currently able to purchase most of my food from local market and the OK coop. I'm eating local about 80% of the time and I feel great. I love supporting those local, hardworking farmers and their products are far above what comes out of a box store. Take this meal for example:Whole wheat stone ground tortilla from Briarberry Farm. Filled with Black and red pepper cheddar from Christan Cheese. Tomatoes from my garden, and store bought onions/lettuce/cilantro. As a side, pilaf from Earth Elements. So delicious! I'm going to miss eating like a local goddess. Damnit! But, I do live for a challenge. I'm also going to miss my occasional rendezvous with the sushi bar. I do love sushi. This vegetable roll was lovely! Oh Wasabi, you bring tears to my eyes!

I have been doing some research and reading on eating healthy on a budget. It's doable. Check out Alex's rundown on foods that won't dent your pocketbook. Smart lady! Again, I will miss the luxury but art is worth every sacrifice! If you're around Tulsa in the fall, bring me some local goodies, or take me out to eat, I'm sure I will need all the help I can get!

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