Thursday, July 15, 2010

Down Size

Slowly and surely I'm cutting ties. I'm attempting to purge the unnecessary and live simple. One thing that has come surprisingly easy is the ability to go from a large carry all to a teeny satchel. I dig carrying my wallet, keys and phone. Who needs Neosporin , hairbrushes, chewed gum and receipts from last years trip to Timbuktu slung over their shoulder day in and day out? Not me. Spare me the baggage. I want to dance. I want to take off running like the wind if need be and that requires a 'brick free' bag. I went from a clutch to an over the shoulder because it's more comfortable.We mustn't forget fashion. I'm pretty excited about the outcome. This little number was created from scrap leather and trinkets pulled from the depths of my jewelry box. It comes equipped with a loop in the back making it capable of clipping onto a belt. Fancy Fanny! It's my medicine bag, I can't wait to give it a run this weekend. Weekend? It's nearly here! Happy stitcher!

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