Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Burger Night

Wednesday is 'burger night' and has been since March. I don't eat a lot of meat. In fact, only once a week, reserved for McNellie's burgers. McNellies is a local pub that began in Tulsa. There's also one in OKC and Norman joined the band wagon earlier this year. Lucky. They have a huge beer selection including a numerous draught line up. The atmosphere is great and you can't beat a $3.00 burger. We aren't talking your run-of-the-mill, fast food burger. It's juicy served up with lots of veggies and pub fries (I suggest the sweet potato fries, a baragin fifty cent upgrade (well worth it)). The bar is always packed on Wednesdays. Happy hour! A little tip, if you get there around/before 6 chances are you won't have to battle this crowd. This was the scene as we were leaving (full and happy).Each week friends gather and we wait in line for that delectable burger. There are the 'burger regulars' and each week a larger crowd. Cheers to local business and burgers! See you on burger night, all hail in the name of beef!

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