Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Digs

Howdy! It's been awhile. A lot has happened and it's only going to be a landslide from here on out. Last weekend I claimed my home-front in Tulsa. I now have a place to stay. Today I signed my life away and indebted myself, joyfully (optimism is the only medicine I take). In a few short weeks I'm going to be a graduate student pursuing yet another impractical degree. Like I've always said, I love a challenge! So, without further ado, check out my new hidey hole: This is the layout. It's above a garage behind a rather large house in Midtown, Tulsa. It's more like an efficiency than a 1 bedroom. I looked at several one bedrooms within various apartment complexes around Tulsa and they were comparable in price. Here, I sacrifice a living area and off street parking, but, I gain a yard and incredible neighbors. I basically have my own, stand alone, house, which is much nicer than a complex. I weighed the pros and cons and decided I would sacrifice 'stuff' for a lifestyle and location. I'll be walking distance to the Cherry Street Farmer's market (only to cry over a life of poverty) and biking distance to the river! I can't wait. Now, for the scary part: This is where it gets a little iffy. The paint choices in this place are hideous. I know it may look a little dank, but it has real potential. It's cozy,not to fear! He said I could paint! My landlord is also giving me a free 1/2 month to get moved. Good deal. The kitchen is tiny and also dingy. I assume this entire place was painted with bargain cans. Notice the W/D in the kitchen? This was also a huge selling point, along with Central H/A. Next drawback-carpet. Even worse-pink! I despise carpet. It's nasty but, again, I had to weigh my options and the location sold me. I've decided that I'm going to cover it with rugs. I'm on the prowl for Oriental rugs. Hit me up if you spot one at a garage sale or hanging out of a trash can. This space will most likely be the nook for my bed. I haven't quite decided on the layout which is why I'm posting. Help ME! This is the area off of the kitchen. I was thinking it may work as a living/studio area but the closet is on one of these walls, so that's limiting.

I made the drawing above so you may get an idea of the layout. I plan on doing some digital mock ups including furniture very soon but I thought I'd throw this out here and see if I have any interior design buffs lurking in the darkness. I'm going from a three bedroom house to this little den. It's going to be tough but I've been doing my homework. Seems there are lots of tricks to efficiency living. Right now, I can use all the help I can get so let's here it!


  1. There are a ton of books, and I bet websites about small spaces, I would definitely check those out, and good luck!

  2. Thanks! I have been doing some reading. It's going to be a bear but I'll make due. I'm sure as time goes on I'll decided there are things I can live without and that should open it up a bit. Right now it's tough because I don't want to part with all my 'stuff.' Time to shed the security blanket. . .