Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To Bake

or not to bake? Always the question. I try to bake once a week just to stay in practice and also as a gesture of kindness to the guys at work. The recipes I choose usually have a 'healthy spin' with the exception of this evening. I pulled out all the stops. Full fledge, scrumptious 'home cooked' butter-better muffins. The batter was full of processed flour and sugar and it's the prettiest batter I've ever whipped up. Those evil temptresses. Of course, I couldn't follow the recipe 'Cherry coffee cake muffins' I had blueberries so I ran with it. I held the fruit on a few, as one of the guys isn't a fan. Boy, they're going to miss me! I also halved the sugar for the topping and used brown for the other half. They aren't the prettiest dears but I guarantee you they're tasty.

These were also made as mini celebration. Tomorrow is a Friday for me. YAY! Given the stress that's weighing over this move, the guys suggested I take a few days off. Do a little house hunting in T-town. I'm not sure if being told to take time off is good or bad, I think they're sincere? Hope.

I didn't flinch. I plan on heading out early Thursday morning. I'll swing by my old pit stop, grab some coffee (best I've had). Check out craigslist and make my way through Tulsa. I'm hoping to haul my bike, given that my buddies rack fits my car, so I can cruise the neighborhoods in the flesh. Fingers crossed these muffins are a hit and I come home with a second home! To Friday!

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  1. they are so delicious! thank you for bringing them :)