Monday, July 5, 2010

The Grand House

First things first, Apologies for the poor quality photos. I religiously disengage flash so occasionally I end up with shitty pictures. Small price to pay when you consider that while they are dark they capture the essence of the evening. Dark, romantic and full of swingin' jazz. Every Friday night, the Grand House in OKC plays live jazz music. A professor at the College of Law plays the drums for the jazz band. I'm approaching my third and final year of employment at the school and I decided it's high time I fulfill my promise to come support him. He was great. I've never really followed jazz music but I was amazed at the technique involved in the successful jazz percussion. It's quite a bit slower and perhaps mocked by the uneducated? I was enamored by the variation in 'utencils/sticks' At one point I witnessed three different items in his hand combined they created magic. Randy's a creative drummer, and the accompaniment is also top notch. Check 'em out if you're in the vicinity on a Friday night (7-10).

The Grand house also serves up some tasty fare. Vegetarian lettuce wraps. Carmen opted for the Sweet and Sour soup. It' hot!

Three stars on the food, 5 for the band!

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