Monday, July 12, 2010

To the Wire

Morning! It's Monday. I woke up late but still managed to make it to work on time. Not to shabby? Hopefully I can keep the luck. As usual, it was a busy weekend. I took of last Thursday and Friday to go house hunting in my new city. It was a short week and a much needed retreat. Today I'm exhausted but I feel much better about the move. I have several leads on living quarters and I can rest assured that I won't be on the streets. What I AM unaware of is if I'll be moving to Tulsa or not. "Wha?" Well, I've had yet another opportunity arise and it's tugging at me fairly hard. I have a lot to consider, I have still feel like I have a lot of loose ends here (even if I decide on Tulsa), and this opportunity complicates my current plan. It's not close. Out of state. Far. Physically and culturally. It's exciting but also extremely scary. I've been so stressed. I try to draw it away but my doodles turn into list and charts outlining pro/cons. UGH! I miss Tulsa this morning. So many unturned pages and alleys!

I wish I could grab a good cup o' coffee and watch the world slip by. Apparently those activities are reserved for the weekend. It's Monday (I said it again), reality is bright and I forgot my sunglasses. When I look forward at the next few weeks I cringe and my heart races, I'm feeling anxious(what's new). I need to bike, breath, soak up some sun but most of all I need to get my shit together. I feel like I'm being pushed closer and closer toward the cliff. Throw me a line? Toss a coin for me? I'm trying to be positive and I try to linger in the midst of positive people. It helps. Smile. Who knows where I'll be in a month, give me a ring if you're on board for some last minute lovin'.

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