Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bottom's Up

I'm going to spill some more beans. I know some of you will label me (as if you haven't already), some of you will laugh, and some of you will take this way to seriously and tell me to seek help. To each their own.

Yesterday I was home alone. Just Zola and I. We lazed around most of the day, took a walk, snuggled, made up for all those late nights. It was nice. As the sun went down I had a few beers and started feeling incredibly motivated. I don't know what it is, perhaps music, alcohol, dancing and inhibition, but when I drink I can get it done. I'm a night person. I don't sleep but alcohol definitely does the trick when it comes to lack of motivation.

If that's not a precursor to alcoholism, I don't know what is. I watch it closely. Spread it out. I don't drink everyday but when I'm feeling overwhelmed and I realize that the only way I'm going to dredge through my laundry list, I pop the top. I have all of this to show for last night: I had prepped the board and stenciled a pattern but I set the scene last night in a matter of minutes. She's done! This was also a project that had been looming in the wings for quite some time. It lacked embroidery which was the icing on the cake. Done! Lastly, I completed this hat band I started back during the Blue Dome Festival in May. I'm ready to boot scoot. My studio is clearing and I have some potential buyers. I'm still searching for a spot to hang my hat in Tulsa, it's getting stressful. I just hope I can make a little extra cash before I ride out of town. If you're interested in commission hit me up!

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