Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The three days preceding the holiday were pretty intense. By the time the Fourth rolled around I was feeling grounded. I needed to breath some fresh air, clear my head. I was longing for some cold press but, of course, the shop was closed. I wandered aimlessly for hours. Searching for hidden gems. I was surprised to see my typical route unscathed. Nothing has really changed since last summer. Not many new stencils, just old, tarnished and fading remnants of last year. I suppose street art is slow while school's out for summer but you'd think they would have covered their bases before they skipped town? Guess not. Maybe it's on the out. A sure sign that's it's time for me to move northeast. Grass is always greener, and covered in spray paint. Bikes and mushrooms. It's been a wet summer. Free on the fourth! Some new stickers. "Sleep is for quitters" Precisely, my friend. I see jack the ripper. It's fitting for the strip bar alley way. Independence day on the Okie porch. Suicide helpline found on the street. It's tacky but I admired and was inspired. Pretty sure I looked creepy just staring as minutes passed. Their front door was open and someone was walking around in a towel. I couldn't help it. It's a mermaid mosaic!

Mid afternoon, it began to pour in Norman. I switched to car and caught these guys puddle hoppin'. It was a dynamic day. Fireworks were postponed so I guess we'll make it up this weekend. Freedom rings!

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