Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"Honesty, only policy." Ok, so I came home this afternoon very stressed. Hammered 3 shots of vodka and got to work. Do I need help? No. Maybe a new job in a new town. I've had the damn bottle in the freezer since Halloween, infer if you must. It's your call. I'm a pretty productive lush. It's not unusual for me to tackle several projects while inebriated. First, I stole this hat. Handmade by T. Next, I made this iPod cozy. I was debating between pink ostrich and this bitchin' snakeskin. The snakeskin won out. I was told it was more "me." To top off the night, I made these earbobs. I scrambled around my studio and used scraps from nooks and crannies. I think I'll sport them tomorrow, hopefully a better day (Can you spot T? she supervises, all is well).

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