Monday, January 25, 2010

Stillwater Saturday

Saturday, Zola and I slept in. We rolled out of bed 10:30ish, reluctantly. Making it to work by 7am all week takes its toll. I moved at tortoise speed in attempts to make myself presentable to the world. Afterward, I made it over to the coffee shop. Mm, warm coffee. An hour later and some ribbing from the barista for lacking a smile, I was ready to start my day. T moseyed over and we decided it was high time for a trek to Stillwater. No particular reason other than it's not Norman or OKC (so I'd thought). Turns out, Sillwater IS Norman. They are nearly identical. It's bizarre. I like it none-the-less but, I really was surprised at their similarities. It's Norman, in orange. A late lunch at Eskimo Joe's, a staple for anyone traveling through this town. It's bar food, not bad, not great, but reasonably priced with a decent atmosphere. Large enough to have multiple entrances. I'm here, ready to eat! After stuffing our faces, we scoped the OSU campus. We tried to get into their art school but it was locked up. Bummer. The plane almost made up for it. Football and Boone Pickens are only one rung away from god in Stillwater. Early evening we found a coffee shop (of course). I debated between a soy Chai and an Americano. I decided on coffee. All I will say is, I should have had the Chai. Disappointment. After relaxing and gathering some ammo for our creative endeavors it was time to hit the highway. I came back from this trip with many ideas and possibilities for new projects, life goals and a renewed appreciation for my roots (Oklahoma). Its coming back, taking a step away and squinting has reassured me I can stay and learn to like it, again.

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