Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free Day

In honor of MLK Jr., I took a trip up to Tulsa yesterday. It was for him, really. A day of contemplation and soul searching. I had to much good coffee. What's a girl to do? It's there, an hour and a half away. Out of arm's reach (which is probably better) but when I get it, I have to take advantage. Metaphorical?, Maybe, a little. The day was beautiful, sun shining, people stirring, reminded me a bit of SF. Closer than Norman can bring me anyway. Planes. Trains. and automobiles [covered with red dirt, I'm home].And art. And art. More Art. Building murals are good. Very good. Escape?

I did apply to TU. Maybe they'll have me. Honestly, it's the last on my list. I visited the campus yesterday. It's nice, formal. Better be, given tuition. We'll see, apps are out. Back on track, I like Tulsa. Not sure why, I've given it lots of time. It feels much more progressive and aware than OKC. OKC tries, they do, but I think Tulsa is a bit ahead. Could just be that I like it better, I'm sure there are facts to support one way or the other but I'm running on instinct. I woke up missing it this morning, routine is hard. Guess I was born to wander.

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