Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm in deep. I've done it, made the commitment. I just agreed to raise $1000 for Alzhemier's research. "How?" Well, by making quilts. I'm no quilter but what better way to learn than by taking a vow? Last night, T and I spent a few hours at the bookstore. I have been contemplating my next project which would incorporate quilting. While I was looking at a quilting books, I read about The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative. Gig is about creating 9x12" quilts (able to be sent in a 9x12" priority mail envelope) for the Initiative where they will then auction them. Proceeds are given to Alzheimer's research. I took the pledge for my maternal grandmother. She's lived with the disease for nearly ten years and we recently had to move her into a home. She was a very creative and active womyn before she reached the progressive stages of the disease. It's a new year, a new decade, I decided that this would be my drive. Selfish, a little, but I figured using the pledge as motivation isn't all that bad. I will be contributing to a cure, after all. For my grandma and all the other that have been affected by this terrible disease, I promise! Let the sewing begin!

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