Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

Finally, time to post the anticipated New Years Eve coverage. For the passed 3 or 4 years, Oklahoma City natives, The Flaming Lips have hosted a huge NYE show. This year my friend Sarah and I purchased floor tickets and planned on ringing in 2010 the right way. Sarah had some hookups and snagged us these dancer passes. These babies, got us onto the stage, stage right that is. Sounds exciting! Feeling pumped about our passes! But wait, it gets better.Costumes. I was expecting mini skirt and yeti hood. Instead, a giant, akward, uncomfortable flora. Sarah was a grump caterpillar. I have to admit, I was not a super, happy camper about these get-ups. Just look at the size of that thing. Now, picture a 3'x10' box in which 13 overly clothed others attempt to shake their ass. Add smoke and hot, hot lights end of story. Five minutes later I knew it was all worth it; Wayne came to bless us all. He provided words of encouragement and thanks. Also, an invite to the after party. I'd do it all over again, no question. Costume or not. Plus, check out this view! Getting close to the mark. We counted down the New Year while rubbing elbows with the Flaming Lips! Midnight. The house lights came on, hundreds of balloons and pounds of confetti descended from the heavens. I mean HUNDREDS! Minutes into 2010! Full of energy and sweaty as hell. The set list. After the New Year was done up right, the proceeded with another set. We made our way back into the audience and caught the Lips covering Pink Floyd's, "Dark Side of the Moon" in it's entirety. Their show is something else. It was the greatest NYE experience yet. Hopefully, it's a promising start to 2010. I try not to use up all my luck so I'm weary. It just seemed to smooth and easy. I hope I have some luck left to spread. Fingers crossed! Post party, circa 2:30am.Hair down ready to wash off that smoke and grime. A fresh, new start!

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