Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanks in Leather

Lately, I've been into leather working/ crafting. I've been using scraps and creating little ditties. It's fun, and sort of "green." As green as leather can be I suppose. I've made some journals, business card holders and headbands. While I was in SF I met an artist doing similar work. His stuff was top notch and I was inspired. I decided that I'd bust out a couple of quick 'Thank You" projects for my cousins.Hat band for Tyler. He wears a lot of hats. In fact, I don't know that he ever went hat-less while we were out. I still haven't decided on how to create a closure. I'm debating between snaps or a buckle. Customized purse for Paige. She saw mine while I was visiting and she loved it. Since the bag was a mere $7, I couldn't resist. It is the least I can do for them given all their hospitality. Many thanks! Now, off to shake it, G'Night!

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