Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lack Lustre

I woke up exhausted this morning, on time, none-the-less. I'm back to my early schedule, it's a tough adjustment. Getting to work at 7am isn't fun, I'm not a morning person, AT ALL. Picture this: alarm at 6:15, out the door by 6:40. That's the sum of my morning preparations. Somehow I ended up having time to spare this morning. I threw on my iPod, put on some water and proceeded to dance. Yes, dancing, full body shake. While I was waiting for the water to steep, I noticed my state notices and they made me smile. Then I realized I had forgot to make a post about my most current. It's nothing to brag about but I wanted to document it here, for myself. This is, after all, MY blog, 'Lock and Key.' In short, because I'm unusually swamped at work, Oklahoma Highway Patrol shows love by writing a warning. I think they're suckers for blue eyes. Texas, on the other hand, not as nice. Maybe they dig boys?

Moral: Don't pass OHP, even if they are doing under the speed limit. It's apparently equivalent to castration, especially for those with badges.

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