Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Hours

When I'm working in my studio it's easy to burn eight or ten hours without even realizing it. Tonight, I started and completed a "quilt" for the Alzheimer's initiative. And, I did it in two hours! It's not perfect. In fact, there are several things I don't like about it. The binding is horrible. Poor planning. Also, if I could go back to the drafting stage (which was minimal) I'd move the design down about an inch and a half. I think it worked until I added the antenna. It's a butterfly. Even though it's fairly flawed, it's a start. Plus, everything ran smoothly which helps motivate. If I can't get it right it's frustrating, I want to quit. Who wants to work under those conditions?Personally, I prefer the back.

I was inspired by my trip to SF and the visit to the rain forest at the California Academy of Science. I thought about my grandma and remembered some of the costume jewelry she had given me. A butterfly. Also, I thought about me in my "cocoon." Sounds crazy, but it's nearing, I'm building up. I'm currently a caterpillar. My grandma, she's moulting, about to shed her wings. She's seen it, lived it, now she's fading. I don't think of it as depressing. It's beautiful, like a butterfly, she's leaving behind a legacy. I'm tierd and blabbing, "off my rocker." Time to attempt to sleep. Fly away!

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