Sunday, January 3, 2010


My roommate and I vowed to go handmade for Christmas. We spent days crafting away for one another. You saw my bad ass scarf she made. Here is what she received in return: I painted this Zombie shirt for her. She adores blood, zombies, and the tortured heart. On a lighter note, I crafted her this journal/sketchbook. Look closely, If you turn it clockwise, 90 degrees you can see an abstraction of pac man. She also has an obsession with Pac Man and 8-bit video game paraphernalia. She's a blend of the light and dark sides. Yes, I said it, "Politically Correct" or not. It's about Christmas, it's all offensive!

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  1. I love these gifts in a very real and creepy way! also, we need to get a picture of Ginger with her gift!