Friday, January 22, 2010

Around the Bend

Today is incredible. Aside from the fact that I've been chained indoors, the weather isn't messing around this afternoon. It's taunting me. About 1pm it was lunchtime. I bundled up only to be astonished at the sunshine and light, spring breeze. Spring is approaching, three cheers! I zipped home, let the pooches out and grabbed a bite. I proceeded to ride my bike over to the bike shop and I didn't want to stop. It was beautiful, I love it, but considering I'm obligated to return to a corporate office disguised as a 'public, education institution,' it's wretched. What a waste. Just look: You would whine too, right? I want to ride that buffalo. Earlier I had some spare time so I started sketching. It moved in a decernible pattern until the last one, the rocker. Don't ask. It just so happened that I drew these prior lunch. I was dreaming of biking and I actually got to do a little on my break. The bike with the coffee cups was something that arose out of my SF trip. I hit a lot of coffee shops there. In comparison, they varied little (in atmosphere) from my 'usual' shops. I was glancing over my doodles from SF and one of the things I wrote was, "What is it with coffee and bikes?" The independent coffee shops all have bikes, bikes everywhere. Shops here and there and even in Northern Cali. I like coffee. I like bikes, but really, what makes them as consistently paired as peanut butter and jelly? Really, it's baffling. Graduate thesis, anyone?

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