Monday, January 25, 2010

Five O'Clock Freedom

Friday, let out a sigh, hopped in the car and fought with all my might to drive home. There's something about having two free days ahead that is invigorating. I think about where I could drive in two days, where I'd stay and who I'd meet. It's fabulous and I really have to battle the temptation. Instead, we covered our usual stomping ground. We made a stop by Barb and Doug's and then rolled to OKC for dinner and some sweets. This crocheted gun was made by T and I have made it mine. Here, Doug models it along with his snazzy apron and postcard. Lately,this magnificent piece of art has served as the lifeblood of the party as well as a conversation starter, or "stopper." Here, T smiles for the camera through weariness. We found my cousin, Carmen wandering the streets and picked her up for a dinner date at The Wedge. Brick oven pizza, Yum! Top top it off, cupcakes! Of course, Cuppies and Joe. I prefer Sara Sara Cupcakes but they're only open util 9pm. Cuppies it is! Behind me there was a table of guys playing some sort of card game. It didn't seem like the poker crowd, I'd guess some sort of crazy 'RPG' of sorts. I mean who wouldn't want their photo snapped with us? It was a typical Friday consisting of good eats, and some giggly, chit chat. Warms the heart this chilly season.

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