Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last night, T and I were discussing the first places we would take an out-of-towner for the full Norman experience. When I was in SF I'd ask store clerks about nearby reastaurants and which ones were 'the spot' and they would just name off all the eateries on the street. It was really annoying. I have eyes, I want to know which one's are worth my time.

So during our conversation I challenged T to guess my pick for the clueless. First guess was not to far off but still wrong. She sat there thinking for a minutes and then she got it. Second guess, not bad. "Sandros!" She hollers. Not only do they serve the best pizza this side of the Mississippi, they also serve the most magnificent plate of pasta. It's a hidden gem and a spawn from his father's joint 'NY Pizza' on campus. I like Sandro's place better for several reason. Number 1, Sandro. He's hard to beat, with that exotic accent and sense of humor. Also, the parking and location is better. Just be sure to miss the lunch hour, given it's directly across from Norman High.

If you asked me where to eat in Norman, Sandro's is my recommendation.

For awhile, I went through this phase that involved sketching "people of Norman." One day I went in for a slice and I had some time to spare so I sketched Sandro. I'm pretty sure it creeped him out a bit. He was moving around the kitchen and I kept staring at him as he was working. I have been waiting for someone to post a photo of him so you could compare. Today, one arose on a nameless social network. Here ya go: Far right.

How'd I do? If you're on the fence, you should swing by and give the place a shot!

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