Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After Party

I made it home by 9pm after the 'Meet and Greet' and was ready to work. Early, yesterday afternoon, I started working on some drawings. I had intended on submitting the portraits I posted a few days ago for an art fundraiser but I decided against it. Instead, I made these: These are 8.5 x 11" and will be up for auction for "Money Talks, Art Walks" at the IAO gallery. They were conjured up through a book I'm currently reading. So far, the book has been very inspiring. It's very descriptive and expressive which provides vivid mental images. It's a non- fiction by Ellen Meloy. "The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on desert, sea, stone and sky." The book makes me want to run away. It doesn't help with my restlessness but at least I know I'm not alone.

I'm only at the starting line but I do plan on doing a full synopsizes upon completion (for those of you interested). I'm trying to get into reading for pleasure. After meeting with the concept artist from EA, I was inspired to pick up books. We spoke about building a portfolio and he said books are a great starting point. He's right, they're full of creative juice. It's just tough managing reading and art. I feel as though I should be creating so it's hard to sit still and read. I think it's for the better, I'm in the process of adjusting, budgeting my time. These drawings spawned from Meloy's travels but I jumped off in my own direction from there. I added the blood red, but the figures and backgrounds were derived from the book. The drawings consist of a digital print on the background (printed on watercolor paper), a spray paint stencil for the horse and then an image transfer comprises the contour lines. The last step was the addition of the red spray paint. It definitely adds a very somber tone. It also adds depth and concern. Don't you wonder what's happening or what might have happened? I hope so. I don't even know the story but it looks like a damn juicy one! Viewer interpretation, I live for it. Run with it, use your imagination, live beyond reality.

If you're interested in these or just looking for some fun, meet us at the IAO opening February 13, 7-10pm. Support local art!

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