Saturday, January 2, 2010

An Open Book

I've made it clear that I'm always trying to be more open. Sharing, caring and varying perspectives. In lieu of my attempts, I must contribute this post, even if it does exposes my imperfections. I know you all consider me impervious to mistakes, right?

Thursday, Dec. 31, my cousin came over to help T and I make cupcakes for my New Year's Day soiree. We spent a few hours baking and decorating these miraculous cupcakes. Carmen iced "2010" on each one and I embellished them with plenty of sprinkles. These may have been the best cupcakes we have ever made. Unfortunately, we will never know. I killed them before they could shine: I admit it. It was poor planning, defeat. The oven won. After my wild, NYE bash I witnessed the cupcakes out in the open, nestled on their glorious plastic, platter. I decided they should be stored in the oven over night. Friday, Jan. 1 I arose in my Pj's and decided it was high time for a quesadilla, oven style. I preheated the oven and proceeded to get some things accomplished in my studio. Minutes later, I was startled by the sound of the smoke alarm. The instant I heard it I yelled out a few choice words. The moment I heard the alarm, I knew what I had done. I wondered into the smoke filled kitchen thinking I may burn the house down. Oven off, windows open, one oven rack destroyed. I had to pamper the smoke alarm in my "jammies," yes, flannel (I'm a simple womyn). Taraneh cut up and wasn't hesitant to grab her camera. I knew my luck had run out the moment Sarah and I hit the stage with the Flaming Lips.The cupcakes did not survive. hopefully the black eyed peas won't turn to disaster and they will replenish my luck! Now, laugh, loud.

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