Monday, January 25, 2010

The Grindstone

'All about balance.' I've said it a thousand times, but I try to live by it. Compromise and degree are the forefront of my conditioning. It's a rocky road. I could probably construct an entire blog about this process and how it can shape an entire life. I refuse. It's a bore. We all have problems so let's look at photos instead!

Last Friday and Saturday consisted of a lot of laughing, lounging and little time looking at a watch. This is not uncommon of my weekend. It takes a couple of days to decompress. I have a habit of whipping myself into shape on Sundays. Sundays are reserved for the studio, swingin' the hammer. This Sunday I was all over the place. I woke up with a can of spray paint in my hand. I cut the stencil Saturday night with some wine. Sunday morning, when I arose, it was ready for commission. I grabbed this bag for $5 and decided I would give it a face lift. Its extreme stature will provide room for a laptop and the contents of a satchel (it's for road trips). Mid day I started digging through my fabric stash and threw together another quilt for the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative. Another butterfly. This time she is covered, or caged, hidden. Beauty masked and fading. Participating in this project has been quite inspiring. I dedicate time to thinking about my grandma. I think about who she was, what she made, what she's become and where she's headed. I also consider vanity, spirituality, and our subconscious drive to define our lives with 'things' (or not). It's hard to make quilts so people will buy them (things) and support a cure. Seems a bit contradictory. Such is the life of an artist. I deviate.

Again, I cropped the biding from the photo due to its lack of quality. It's brown, not bad but the execution is sub par. I've made a vow that before I sit down at that sewing machine again I'm going to research binding techniques. Steam forward, learn something new, strive for crafty perfection!I saved the best for last!These pieces were the hit of the weekend. I made these for IAO's "Money Talks, Art Walks." They turned out better than expected and I'm not sure I can part with them much less donate them. Time permitting, I may drum up a couple new drawing for the art auction and hang these in my living room. It's the essence, I just don't know if it could be appreciated by anyone but us. Too personal and special. Sometimes you just hit the nail on the head. It was great way to end the weekend!

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  1. you were SUPER productive yesterday! AND it all turned out wonderful! double win!