Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Boy

My cousin, Jason, now/finally holds a degree in International Business. It's sort of a big deal. It took him over five years to complete college so he has been the butt of jokes among the family. Yesterday evening, we held a large celebration in his honor. The scene was the Bricktown Brewery in OKC. My grandparents hosted the event and it was hoppin'. I made the invites (I ended up going with the hot air balloon design) and my mom and I created the center pieces. I had great time catching up with everyone which also helped me adjust to being back in Oklahoma. They were all surprised that I caught the return flight and they were very interested in the details. I tried to sell them but they were biting. Although I'm the 'black sheep' everyone is extremely supportive. I'm very blessed. Jason made this pieces in his ceramics class. I was told after taking the photo it was upside down, but it still looks fabulous. The centerpieces incorporated Jason in several different cultures/countries from around the globe. This one was the favorite. This is my granddad and his wife, Patsy. They hosted the party and Oh! What a party it was! A collection of family. It's stiff competition, my mother's side are "the lookers." I will admit, it's comes at quite a cost. A black hat for the 'black sheep.' The hat hearkens my roots. Yours truly and the man of honor.

Good times! We're so proud of you, Jay! Best of luck in your international travels!

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