Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookies and Sugar

First off, Happy Holidays. They're fast approaching and I'm already anticipating the new year! The festivities commenced today. We're just under a week away from the 25th and I've already had my first dose. My grandfather rode in from DFW to play Santa and we had a good time.

I'm so swamped with projects that I sat in the corner and did some handiwork. I don't think anybody missed the overly-social butterfly and I achieved quite a bit, it was win-win. I'm a few days behind on my posts and I'm sure it will only get worse, just bear with me. Last Thursday I went to a cookie decorating party with my buddies and we exchanged gifts. As usual, we had a great time and Doug snapped some memorable photos. Tolerance, because it's the only way Jesus would have it...? Sheer excitement. More often than not, my humor is that of a 14 year old boy. No apologies. We shall devour the zombie cookie. Icing! YES! This was one of my gifts to Barb. She has a strong addiction to these cocoa covered almonds. She refers to them as 'crack.' She refers to us as her 'winged monkeys.' Got it? See, we are even treated as winged monkey's. She keeps us in check. Luckily, I wasn't the one in trouble this time but you can see me in the back looking quite amused. Oh, also, Jenny showed up! We all met at Hancock's but we had lost touch with Jenny until we caught up with her at the Deluxe Show. She wanted in on out craft nights and we welcomed her with open arms. We may have to rethink 'Triple Threat Talent,' if we add a forth. Something to think about.

Even though working retail is quite dreadful, I wouldn't change it and chance missing out on making such good friends. Hancock Fabrics may owe me for years of slave labor and a piece of my youth but I wouldn't trade it! Cookie times!

Be sure and tune in later for "seasonal soiree" photos.

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