Thursday, April 1, 2010


Lately I've been toggling between embroidery and watercolor. Occasionally, I fuse the two which is rewarding. I'm in the process of nestling into my niche. Last night I concluded a couple of pieces. I started out with a couple, loose ideas and improvised from there. It's not the most professional approach but it makes for a challenge and potentially, an aspect of surprise. I love surprises and happy accidents. Another revamp of an old trick. I primed the textile canvas but was still left with heavy texture making it difficult to watercolor. I feel like it is missing something?

Arachnephobes beware! This started out as a needlework doodle. Practicing painting with thread. I used a fabric sample and created the spider from some cowhide and leather. She's hairy, scary and large (everything a guy could ask for). I wish you could see her person, she's very textural and tactile. Don't get to close. She bites!

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