Monday, April 26, 2010

Anywhich Way

Howdy! First, this may read a bit scattered so I'm going to provide a disclaimer paired with an apology up front. Naked. I had a busy weekend proceeded by a surprisingly busy Monday. Looking back, I probably had time to throw up a haphazard post but my heart just wasn't ready to log in. Minutes ago, you could find me blasting John Mayer and sipping a cold one while working in my studio. I have a new piece in the works but again, I'm lacking the heart. My mind is dwelling on other things. Usually art puts my mind at ease but not this evening. I need to talk. To you!

Today I emailed my graduate adviser over at TU and told her I was ready to make the jump. Let's enroll! It's done, no recalling that message. While I was dreaming of the Tesla and listening to John Mayer serenade me with the notes of 'Stop this Train' I knew I had made the right decision.

Last night I hit downtown for the Norman Music Festival (more to come) with my buddy, Barb. Afterward, we had dinner and a nice chat. Barb is close to my parents age but without the biased, so she's easy to talk to. One thing I really value in my life and amongst my friends is generational diversity. Well, can't say I really identify with my group BUT, I do give them chances and they continue to baffle me. The one thing I hear all to often is 'Bj, you're just an old soul.' Maybe. I take it as a compliment none-the-less. I like being an old soul but I try to remain open as much as possible.

Barb and I discuss getting old quite a bit. She says 'it sucks.' Can't say I know. One thing I did tell her was that I attempt to live life in fourth gear so that I never have time to stop, look back and say, "I wish I would have done this or that, instead." Since 2010, so far-so good. John Mayer sings 'stop this train' and I think, 'shovel that coal, full steam ahead!" Tulsa bound!

Ok, well, back to the image transfers, the iron, my beer. Thanks for listening. Very soon, my dears, I will recap 'artist of the OKC Festival of Arts 2010,' and the 'Norman Music Festival.' In the meantime, I leave you with this solitary image (because I refuse to have a post void of photos). Me 'n my Tesla. In Oklahoma! I was amazed. Did you know Jay Leno cruises one of these? After this photo, a woman approached me and started asking me about this car. I spouted off some specs and she was surprised. She asked me if it was mine. I said it could be if I sold my house! Good times! Get yours today for a meager 90k!

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