Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OKC Festival of Art

First I'd like to give a loud shout out to my mom for tagging along for the ride (in love and support) and my roomie, T, for taking over 100 photographs while I worked. Last night went well. I set up shop and got to work. It was tons of fun. Lots of people, live music and no rain! No complaints. I do plan on heading back to the festival on Friday to check things out. My demo was from 7-8 so I didn't get to peruse the circuit. Pending the weather, I plan on doing a follow up of my trip through the OKC Art Festival 2010 early next week. In the meantime, here's a peek from last night. "See 'Brilliant Bill,' This way!" For starters, I cut the stencil. Waiting for paint to try and playing my hand as an entertainer. My mom and T got a kick out of all the pervy men stopping by to see me bend over. They were so amused they took photos. Moment of Truth! Done! Can of power. I got three pieces done in an hour. Nothing like being in front of a crowd AND being productive. Further instilled my dreams of being that crazy art teacher! For the love of art!

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