Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday Night Sites

It wasn't until I began compiling this post, that I realized the massive amount of ground covered last Friday. There are few things that can get me going after a long and grueling work week: art, coffee, cupcakes, and booze. Three out of the four-not bad. First stop was the latest, hipster sushi joint in OKC, The Pachinko Parlor. The exterior is quite modern dressed in cedar with a fireplace and some outdoor seating. The interior is also quite lovely, contemporary and cozy.The Dezy roll.

Being a fan of Nigiri, I was a little disappointed that they only offer rolls. It's probably a wise business decisions for several reasons (most people quiver at the thought of raw fish) so I can't blame the restaurant. I hold the West responsible for limiting my sushi options. Since the chef at Pachinko Parlor also works/lives at Sara Sara AND they are right beside one another, we couldn't get out without having a cupcake. I was a German Chocolate.

After over indulging, it was over to an opening at Untitled Artspace. The gallery is beautiful and the exhbits are always top notch. The current exhibit didn't tickle my fancy so I have little to note. The weather was phenomenal so I ran around outside the gallery and had a mini photoshoot.

It was such a terrific evening we headed over to LIVE on The Plaza. Trio of drummers at at the Plaza. The Plaza is a helluva a lot of fun-they promote sin. Months passed, I had entered some work for a show benefiting V-Day. One of the pieces was used as the flyer and programs for the show! Big time! Stomp the city-check. Now, back to Norman for another art walk. Mainsite was hosting OU's School of Art MFA show which was well done but again, I wasn't blown away. Across the way Gallery 123 was making its debut and I missed the main act. Nick, finally finished his masterpiece: A giant robot suit. [Photo courtesy of Doug Hill]Apparently, it's mechanical and he was dressed in his Sunday best to put on a show 'form and function.' [Photo courtesy of Doug Hill]This is what I got to see, cute girl next to the empty suit. Damnit! I'm thinking about bribing Nick to give me a personal preview, a little risky but we'll see. Can girlybill persuade him? I did snap an action shot of the mad scientist. He was silver, sweating and glistening. There was quite the crowd given what little publicity the gallery had. I was lucky enough to hear about it by word of mouth the night of. Even though I missed this extravaganza Nick assured me there would be more. Can't wait, super Friday! More to follow, spring is here and I have officially started my marathon!

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