Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I iPad

After waiting patiently for a few days, this puppy was finally waiting on my desk. My office purchased the iPad and my boss had to practically pry it from the hand of our web developer just so I could take a gander. He also brought me a cupcake, this thing was done for. "Work late Wednesdays" habitually consist of a some light reading but tonight I drop the book to toy with the iPad. Let's take a little looksee, shall we? It plays music videos. Nice, BUT $500?, really? This app. comes standard? I like it, again, price tag outshines glory. I had hoped this gadget would inspire me to write a nice, technical, informative review but no cigar. The iPad has further confirmed my lack of enthusiasm for "doodads." It has also made me want to officially announce my move to Tulsa! YES! Tulsa, (ready or not) I'm there.

I've tortured myself long enough. Back and forth each day, up and down. Rejection letters have been pouring in this week but the weather has been phenomenal so I can't cry. Even if Tulsa is the only one that will have me, I couldn't be more ecstatic, one less decision to have to make! I also received an inquiry regarding my work this week and it came out of Tulsa. Seems it's calling me. I'm on board. Now, a place to live, job, funds but that's for another day. At this moment, I just want to wallow in clearing that giant hurdle and look forward to my intimate relationship with speed limit signs marked "75". I'm stickin' to my guns, and I expect you to hold me to my word as well. As for the iPad, it's out like Betamax as far as I'm concerned.


  1. At least Tulsa isn't too far from your family!

  2. Yep there are many benefits and, it's a great city!