Monday, April 5, 2010

U of Tulsa Visit

I was out the gate by 11am last Friday. In no time I was headed up the turnpike, Tulsa bound. I had several items on my agenda. One being a visit to a prospective grad schools, University of Tulsa. On top of being a fan of the city, TU has a beautiful campus. Throw in a gorgeous (and rare) Oklahoma spring day and I'm sold. Almost. Sometimes I make impulsive decisions but this is just to big to be hasty. I met my cousin and his lovely lady, Ali, who both attend TU and they were kind enough to give me a brief tour. I appreciated their hospitality and insight. I'm still waiting on word from three other schools but TU managed to grab a little piece of my heart on Friday. TU with the Tulsa skyline. Sunshine, a breeze, green grass, my sketchpad and live music. TU loaner bikes. Because they care. A product of my visit. Drawing from life combined with my imagination.

It was a busy day. Unfortunately, I didn't cross everything off my list, most likely a side affect of incredible weather. Lots of decisions to be made, practicalities to consider. Tulsa is something but I have to weigh my options. Send me some luck!


  1. I vote for TU!
    But I am biased and selfish. I just want you to move here.

  2. So far, TU is it. Maybe I'll see you two soon!