Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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I've been doing tons of drawing lately. I have several needlework/mixed media projects waiting in the wings but I've been lacking in time and motivation. Needlework is intense. It's something I feel I have to devote at least three or four hours to and right now, I don't have that kind of time. Instead of doing nothing, I've been sketching and water coloring like mad. It seems I've developed an affinity for the southwest, truck stops and icons of 'the west.' I feel some highway miles boiling in my blood. Specifically, a trip to New Mexico. The SW is somewhere I haven't spent a lot of time, just short visits. I long for some solitude in the desert. I want to feel the burn, sleep on cacti. Perhaps I'll swing by a truckstop or two, I hear the ladies are warm and hospitable. I'd probably miss those dears and instead get some prick with boots and a big, flashy belt buckle. "Let me show you my 'pipes' little lady," he'd mutter in his southern swag. My luck is wasted. Ha! Anyway, this one was inspired by T. "Taming the beast" in reference to my unruly mut, Zola. We laughed pretty hard over this one. Good times!

This weekend is packed. Tomorrow is yet another jaunt to Tulsa to meet with some folks from TU. Saturday, a trip to Meers/Lawton-2lb burgers and buffalo are on the list. Then, Sunday, The Doxie Dash! Zola is not participating but she will attend and perhaps find a little lovin'. There are bound to be dozens of hot wienies strutting their stuff. She's ecstatic. I'm a bit worried she may eat one as a snack.

Right now, I'd give up all my belongings for more hours in the day. Since that's highly unlikely, I just have to make each hour worthwhile. I try not to stress to much. I'm a sadist, it's all self inflicted. At the end of the day I pour a drink, kick my feet up and draw. So what you see is a product of my winding down. There won't be much 'winding down' time this weekend but hopefully I can knock out some embroidery. I may be out for the next few days but you can bet there will be stories to tell. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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