Monday, April 19, 2010

Boys in Town

Lazy Saturdays. Woke up late, made brunch, read, and finally jumped in the car and window shopped around OKC. That evening I went to the pub, had a beer and consumed my meat limit for the week-burger! Afterward, I hit up my lil brother who was at a Pub on the other side of town. When I arrived I was surprised to see a block party, rain or shine. They were printing free t-shirts on site. They also had games with promotional prizes. Always, cross marketing. Even the scrooge can be liquored into participation.

Sunday was also fairly skim. I hauled Zola to the Dachshund dash. She did surprisingly well without ultimatums. WIENIES DASH! I whipped up a fashion collar for her right before the shindig. Fit her bold personality to the 'T.'
The weather knocked me down a gear, but it was a nice weekend to refuel for the wild weekends ahead!

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