Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Rides

In lieu of my Honda hitting 50k, I wanted to commemorate my first car. It's a bit tricky because I really had two cars upon getting my driver's license. I suppose the first car I really bought was a 1972, yellow VW bug. It wasn't much of a go-getter so I often resorted to flying in one of my parents classics. The 1970 El Camino. You have to love Chevrolet's unconventional and perhaps a bit clumsy nomenclature. El Camino- "The Walker" really? OR how about, Nova "No-go?" (a huge flop in Mexico, I might add). Anyway, I consider this scarlet harlot my first ride. She's big and heavy, just what a teenage girl needs, HA! We had some good times, it's a fun car. After running my Honda for six years I wouldn't go back. I look forward to another good 6 years and (at least) 50,000 miles with my new man, nothing like modern amenities when cruising the turnpike.

Today was suppose to be a drive to Meers/Lawton but what's a wildlife refuge in the rain? I don't feel like trekking through the mud, I'll leave that to the buffalo. We've postponed. Looks like I will get some much needed studio time after all. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ah, the wildlife refuge. Its literally 5 minuted from Cache, where I grew up, and I dated a boy who lived there. Try not to gawk at the buffalo too much.