Monday, April 19, 2010


I was mildly productive last weekend. Given that my plans were rained out, I still didn't find much motivation to sit in the studio. I dallied a bit and manged to crank out a backlogged idea. This guy is painted on a piece of linen and sewn to a fabric sample with embroidered details. I'm crazy for free-hand embroidery and small scaled work these days. I love immediate gratification and this was done in a few hours, perfect! I have three or four of these little 'doodles' that will be avaliable for purchase at the upcoming Blue Dome Festival (more info. to follow). [Chandra, I WILL pay you!]

On top of some 'art' I also did some crafting. My roomie has this barrette that I adore. I've been stealing it from her drawer at least twice a week. When I told her she didn't seem enthused. Go figure! She did offer a plain clip that I could turn into my own. Voila! This one is my creation. Her clip is still miles faster than this one but now I don't have to worry about breaking her beloved Barrette and shattering our friendship. Win-win. Hair Model. Earlier this day a guy told me I had 'beautiful hair.' It was raining and hadn't been washed in a few days, I believe it was the clip.

Lastly, a bookmark. Art, craft, function. Friday I was eating lunch at a Tulsa joint and I dropped my favorite bookmark in the crevice of the booth. It was over, I almost shed a tear but luckily, the shrimp-mango spring rolls arrived just in time. I had to whip something up. A version of Eden. Element of surprise and true identity. The backside. It was done in colored pencils and laminated. Nothing fancy, a sketch, really. Even though I had to cope with failed plans last weekend, it felt good. Little pressure and no agenda-my Eden.

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