Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fast Rides

As some of you may know, I come from a family in need of speed. I've grown up around classic cars and I long for that speedometer in the triple digits. My friends refer to these desires as my 'white-trash roots' or 'nobility.' It's one guilty pleasure that's hard to hide. Apparently my brother suffers from the same itch but he had to pay: He had this car a few weeks and now it rest, ashamed and fenderless. So, what's a boy in his early 20's to do without the power of a Formula V-8? How about purchase a newer model? Luckily, when you're young, you are allowed to make impulsive decisions. It's almost expected.If she wasn't so damn beautiful I'd shake my head in disapproval but I had to show my excitement by jumping on the hood! I can't believe he was such a good sport about it! He even let me drive it, alone! What a brother. I promise to make it up to you by throwing you the most ridiculous bachelor party EVER! It purrs like a mountain lion, packs the power and sails like it's on glass. We like our white cars. My lil foreigner was jealous. Since he just got a good waxing yesterday, I figured he could handle a photo with the new chick. My brother hesitated for years about buying a decent car and today he officially owns one. It was long overdue and he deserves it. Everyone light a candle for his safety-that thing hauls!

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