Monday, April 12, 2010

Freedom Lawn

Saturday was pretty lazy. Filled with sunshine, fruit, books and long bike treks. the last book I read was about lawns and how quick we are to disregard that they're teeming with life. In attempts to eat better, buy local and sustain all-around 'green living' I've been thinking a lot about landscaping/gardening. I long to be outside so why not use that urge to do something productive in the yard? It could potentially fulfill all my goals and provide cheap recreation! Win-win!Saturday I was on one of my many bike outings, and decided to check out the landscaping in my neighborhood. I even took some photos of my favorites. This lawn is always beautiful. Last year they reinterpreted xeriscaping and it paired nicely with the mid seventies ranch. This spring they went more traditional: redbud and tulips. While I appreciate the colors and plant variety, I prefer this: Minimal but well groomed. Simple impact. And, I'm thinking if I take the minimalist approach I can get away with throwing in some sculptural elements. Ha! I kid. This is to great to be left outside. It deserves a spot in the living room. [Spotted on Boyd St. just E of 24th SW.]

As of now, I'm taking the 'freedom lawn' approach. I've realized that even though it's a product of limited finances and laziness my lack of lawn care is really beneficial to the environment. I am also happy to report that most of the houses I passed have yet to apply chemicals. Maybe it's still early (I don't really keep up with lawn care methods) but I'm hoping that the freedom lawn approach is catching on. There is a laundry list of benefits. The first being fatter wallets-It cost less to do nothing. It saves and promotes cleaner water. It also sustains millions of vital microorganisms and other bug species (like bees and butterflies!). I will stop but really, just let the weeds grow. Live native, it's always the best medicine. Off my soap box and out to play with Zola!
We adore our weedy lawn, come join. Freedom!

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