Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Norman Music Fest. 2010

The Norman Music Festival just exploded this year. Being my first time to attend, I can't really make a comparison but I've heard third year growth was exponential. They had an expansive and eclectic line-up. Luckily, we won on the weather. I didn't make it out the first day but the second day was just buzzing. It felt as though the entire population of Norman was downtown. Old, young, rugged and glamorous, you name it, they were there. I think I was more impressed by the cultural diversity and peaceful atmosphere than by the music. We're talking prime people watching territory here. I took my camera but only ended up with a handful of photos. Unusual for me but I figured this guy would take enough for the both of us and the quality would be unmatched. A real VIP, Doug had several bands to cover for various local publications. What a job! The one band I was set on seeing was 'Those Darlins." They're from a small town in Tennessee and boy are they a riot! I brought them a rotisserie chicken just to uphold Oklahoma, southern hospitality. When I purchased it they were half priced. Ringing in at a whopping $2.50, bonus! Enter-Doug+press pass+hillbilly girl rock=greatness! This photo really captures the essence of the band. Kelli Darlin'-all around Goldie Locks. And, lastly, Nikki, devouring that $2.50, greasy bird on stage-priceless!

I didn't spend much time at the music festival, Those Darlins were hard to top. I did catch a few tunes from Leon Russell and then headed out. It was quite a shindig. It's great to see Norman harboring the arts. If you're interested in some broad coverage check out Doug's photos here. Otherwise, I'm going to apologize for my minimal coverage and tell you music is an experience, Norman wants to see your face downtown for NMF IV!

Ps. Catch Those Darlins in Tulsa tomorrow at Eclipse Cultural House!

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