Monday, April 5, 2010


After spending most of the day soaking up the rays, the girls and I proceeded to roast some Peeps. We made s'mores. It was quite a way to celebrate Jesus! We stuffed our bellies full of refined carbs and sugar and then proceeded to get creative. We pulled out all the stops. Watercolors, acrylics, pastels, markers, you name it! Among creating the work, we also have lengthy conversations about the derivation and interpretation of the work. T has concluded that the womyn in my pieces are self portraits. I usually disagree. I'm sure they tend to look like me because that's what I know. I see myself in the mirror, I know my body and when I draw a female, I draw what I know, ME. I also sketch things that pertain to my thoughts. Things I like, experiences, relationships, etc. I try not to make my pieces too evident but apparently I fail. Of the three pieces to follow, this was the only one I intended as a self portrait:It should be obvious by the boots. I don't own a blue bra/bathing suit but the girls were animate that this was me.

This one evoked quite the conversation. It was a show stopper. It is not me, AT ALL! I drew the snake and when I asked them what they thought, both T and my cousin offered the same interpretation. I tried to clarify my intentions but they weren't biting. "Fine, if that's what you see I'm sure you're not alone." There consensus forced me to add the knife and blood. I killed it. "There! You guys asked for it. If you're going to take it there, I'll make myself clear." I even tried to convince them that if it were me, I'd use a gun. They laughed.

Tonight, T and I will celebrate this drawing by toasting with Champagne. I've been resurrected. It's a new era. If you're up for celebrating a new year, stop by! Bottoms up at 4pm!

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