Thursday, April 29, 2010

Various & Sundry

Been a busy week here in Norman-town. Lots of social obligations and few hours to sleep. Luckily, I choose my company wisely, no regrets! Speaking of company, I've been baking love for everyone! Baking fills my house full of lovely aromas and makes me cozy, relaxed, just plain happy. And since it's impossible for me to consume all these carbs alone, I've discovered the beauty that is 'enlightened self interest.' It's made for a week of giving.

I've had several baking encounters this week but one of particular note, are some muffins I baked for the guys in the office. I like my coworkers (most of the time). For the most part, they're 'white collar good ol' boys' (a walking contradiction, I know, but believe it). We have some pretty interesting conversation but one thing we can never agree on is eating right. They snub their noses at people that attempt to make a conscious effort to eat right-"Food snobs" or "Health Nuts." I know it's just a coping mechanism for their ignorance and guilt so I try to play nice when addressing their increased risk for a sudden heart attack by making them 'healthy' baked goods. This week, I whipped these up (minus the turbinado sugar). These pair nicely with a dab of butter and some honey! It's so funny to see the guys stare at them as they scratch their heads. You could almost stir the obligation with a stick. I HOMEMADE them. YES, if you're not allergic, I demand you try one! One of them even went back for a second. Not bad! So next weeks baking endeavor is up in the air. Suggestions welcome!

Still on a somewhat domestic route, I also played in my garden a bit. Look at the roses. I despise these devils. As far as I'm concerned, they're worse than weeds. I mean really, they have thorns! I've tried so hard to kill these and they still manage to thrive. For fear of being reported to the EPA, I can't divulge the evil things I've done to try to eradicate these hideous, smelly flora. I know the sure answer is just to dig them up but that's easier said than done. And, if you disagree then I challenge you, come dig 'em! Short of dousing them with gasoline and lighting a match, I'm out of ideas. Where are all my rose murderers? I will admit, their blooms are pretty, especially in yellow. The fact that they can't be approached without being overwhelmed with a pungent odor kills the mood. When it comes to roses, I prefer the 2-D variety.


  1. Dig them up during the winter after they have gone dormant and then you could see about spraying some glyphosate on any roots that are left. It is a herbicide, but in high enough concentration will kill your plants too. You hate roses and I plant more. Hahahaha... Oscar and Felix I tell ya!

  2. UGH! I hate them! They aren't worth a muscle contraction. Wish I could just teleport them to you!

    The 'odd couple' fits us to a T. I can't believe I hadn't thought of that before!