Monday, April 12, 2010

Sedulous Spring

The hustle and bustle has already began. On top of all the spring time festivities: art shows, festivals, call for entries, etc., I want to play outside. I want to bike, lounge in the sun, read, garden and sip vodka with lime and pineapples. It's back to balance. Align my priorities and make some decision before I get caught up in the intoxicating summer air. I'm already way behind on blogging a sure sign of the times to come. In order to cover the highlights I'm going all the way back to Thursday, April 8. I sold a drawing. This one. I was surprised and felt overpaid but I can't complain. It was done in a flash on some not-so-quality paper but it just shows the beauty of diverse taste. Or, it could be the magic that is coffee? Either way, my sketchbook was lighter and my pocket book thicker, successful Thursday night! Perhaps someday that 'early original, Bill Zorn' will be quite the investment. Fingers crossed for Mr. Hill. Many thanks and lots of good coffee your way!

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