Thursday, August 6, 2009

Noticing the Unnoticed

Some images from my travels this evening: The Blake Baldwin S8 Park. It was interesting to go to the park and see all of the high school kids hanging out. The cute little girls defying their parents and hooking up with the skater boys. Brings back so many memories; first love,virginity and freedom. I got quite sentimental as I snapped photos. (Note the sneakers on the electric line) Bumble Bee? I stopped to snap a photo of this beater (with such potential) and the man that lived in the house was watching from the second story window. Noticing him, I asked him if I could take a picture. He said sure. I think he might have been a little buzzed. I asked him if he was fixing it up and he replied 'yea.' Then he proceeded to ask me if I lived around here and I thought that was my queue to jet. I said, "No, just around Norman," and as I rode off he proceeded to whistle at me....creeper! Maybe I was being to provocative? I can't help it, I'm a sucker for a classic car! Norman's Foundry, The Crucible. Sometimes I go down alleys just for the thrill of scoping some rad street art. I know some people might thing I'm naive, but you only live once!I almost wrecked my bike as this statues reflection beamed me in the face. It reminds me of those tacky Jesus figurines that you pick up at gas stations. This disturbs me more than devaluing Jesus for a couple of reasons. First, our liberty is not something that should be dumb down to a ridiculous, gold mini version. Second, it's in front of a bail bonds joint. Really? I'm sorry, but if I were into fire I would burn this mother down! Disgraceful! I know, I know, I shouldn't complain. After all, they are allowed their liberties! :) Some work outside of the Senior Center. If i had to guess, I would say the work of Kyle, or perhaps "Art Fag" a.k.a Issac? The writing on the green box reads "At least my heart is beating." Perfection in proximity. That's all, I'm off to the studio!

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