Friday, August 28, 2009

Bike Panniers!

Yesterday I got my bike back after a 2 day hiatus. I was having a back cargo rack installed. By the time I got out I had my cargo rack and 2 lights (a front and rear light). YAY! I'm street legal, Night Rider! I have been thinking a lot about making bags for the rack but right now, and most likely until mid October, I'm booked. Instead of having a rack that's useless I decided to just buy some pre-made bags in the meantime.Today I purchased this from Amazon :
It may be a little cute for me. I will have to see it in person but it will serve it's function until I can cusomize the bags myself. I'm thinking something along these lines but with patterned fabric: I have decided the bags are going to make the statement. The bike is so stealth, being black with no detail. I think it would look slick with some "crazy, cool" bags. I wish I had the time to make them now but I have already set my priorities so this is down the list! Damn...

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