Sunday, August 2, 2009


This afternoon I jaunted to Tulsa to see Wicked. The production was incredible. The scenes and effects were out of this world. I haven't been to the theater in years so I was in awe over the intricacies of the costumes, set design and lighting. I will say that theater is not my bag. I just don't have the attention span. I can't sit still without thinking about all the other (more productive) things I could be doing. Like painting or sewing. Again, this is something I wish so badly to change. My impatience and stress will probably cause me to have a cardiac arrest one of these days.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the production I just don't know that I will go to something like that again. I think my limit is about an hour and a half, Wicked pushed 3 hours...If you can handle that then it's worth it! Sadly, I was more content being in the car for three hours. I'm thinking it's time to give my two weeks and become a 'transporter.' Let me know if you can help make this possible!

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