Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unicycling Owls

Hopefully this won't ruin any possibility of surprise but I couldn't wait to get these images uploaded. My cousin, Reid, turns 1 tomorrow. That's pretty exciting! I haven't seen her since she was a wee, lil lassie, she is already so grown up. She's already super hip (just being related to me puts one in that category) so she deserves a hand made card! I decided I wanted to use a unicycle since I have always loved transportation and recently (bi)cycles. The owl is sort of disturbing, especially for a one year old but I thought One-Owl...similar? Ok, that's pushing it, really I picked it because she comes from some very intelligent parents, so she will be wise and owls represent wisdom. No comments on the owl's chicken legs...I had to adjust to make it look correct. Ha!
This is the back. I used part of a Lewis Carroll poem from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," along with some collage elements. Pretty snazzy! This is what happens when I drink to much tea, I'm going to be sorry tomorrow morning. Nighty, night!

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